500 Sunset: Building on the Legacy

Building on the Legacy

The Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Beta Theta Pi has a storied tradition dating back to 1914.  With more than 2,000 initiates, the Gamma Epsilon Chapter has influenced the lives of numerous men, cultivating lasting friendships in the process. Beta taught us the importance of the cultivation of the intellect, responsible conduct, and mutual assistance, which have been integral to our personal success and helped make us the men we are today.

Most of us can trace the roots of this brotherhood to one place: 500 Sunset. The Beta experience is certainly more than the stone, mortar, and ivy of our home but the chapter house plays a significant role in the development of our brothers and is a proud symbol of our shared values and goals. This facility has been a part of Gamma Epsilon’s legacy for nearly 90 years and is showing its age. We must make a major investment in our chapter house to remain competitive and provide a quality living environment.

We ask that you join us in the Building On the Legacy campaign and encourage you to explore the links below to learn more information.

Yours in _kai_,

Courtney Rogers '72
Campaign Chairman

Campaign Announcement Newsletter - Sent May 2022

Campaign Brochure - Sent June 2022

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An investment in the future of Gamma Epsilon will ensure its continued success at Kansas State and provide a legacy upon which to build an even greater brotherhood. Show your support for our project and for the Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Beta Theta Pi by submitting your commitment using the form below.

Contributions to Beta Holding Company are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Please contact our campaign coordinator at (785) 843-1661 with any questions.

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Campaign Status
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As of September 1, 2023


Campaign Goal

$3 Million


Total Commitments






Active Alumni






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 Donor List

Sphinx Society

($250,000 and above)


Warren Staley ’65


Tau Omega Sigma Society

($100,000 to $249,999)

Gamma Epsilon Chapter

Phil Howe ’54

Bill L. Nicholson ’61

Larry Bramlage, DVM ’73

1978 Pledge Class

    Randall Groves ’78

    Edward Hall ’78

    Jeffery Jones ’78

    Daniel L. Otto ’78

    Patrick Robinson ’78

    Clarence E. Waters ’78


Wooglin Society

($50,000 to $99,999)

Courtney Rogers ’72

Todd Bleakley ’77


500 Sunset Society

($25,000 to $49,999)

Graham Hunt ’53, in memory of Bill Ted Walker ’53, Honor Initiate

Tom Machin ’55

The Attwater Family: Paul R. Attwater II ’58, Paul R. Attwater III ’83

Dan Weaver ’63

James Weaver ’69

Doug Smith ’71

Woody Swain ’71

John Dunlap ’73

Bill Manning ’80, in memory of Patrick Manning ’54

Christopher D. Miller ’86

Gilbert Benschoter ’87

John Hummer ’87

Randall S. Regehr ’87

Scott Scrogin ’87

Matthew Dassow ’89

Michael L. Nicholson ’90

Patrick C. Woolley ’90

Lee Family Gift, Patrick Lee ’92, Aidan R. Lee ’24

Edward “Brian” Ward ’90

Brian Frazier ’00


Loving Cup Society

($10,000 to $24,999)

Duane Ramsey ’59

Steven Watkins ’71 and Barbara Watkins and children Diane, Steve Jr., and Caroline

Rick Calhoun ’76

Rob Exline Jr. ’79

Jeff Rundle ’03

Brad Scheu ’07

Patrick Karcz ’08

Coleman Family Gift, Matt Coleman ’09 and Kim Coleman


The Rock Society

($5,000 to $9,999)

Class of 1975

Peine Family Gift, Perry Peine ’43

Wilbur Family Gift, Richard Wilbur ’58, Jeff Wilbur ’81, Kurt Wilbur ’83, Michael Wilbur ’84

Taylor Merrill ’62

Jim Mertz ’62

Kenyon Kugler ’63, In memory of John Kugler ’58

Gary Peters ’63

Tom Purinton ’63

Isernhagen Family Gift, Glenn Isernhagen ’64, Fred Isernhagen ’66, In memory of Otto and Alice Isernhagen

Stephen Peirce ’66

Larry R. Gibson ’67

Stephen Sproul ’67

Bob Coble ’69

Michael Ross ’70

Thomas Clark ’71, In honor of Pledge Class of March 1968  

Chris Jarvis ’71

Robert Meyer ’72

Gary A. Sieverin ’72

Griff Hawkinson ’76

Gregory Thompson ’76

John R. Campbell ’77

Bisagno Family Gift, Dave A. Bisagno ’81, Robert D. Bisagno ’21, in memory of Robert D. Bisagno ’49

William Copher Jr. ’81

Martin Family Gift, John Martin Jr. ’82, John “Trey” Martin III ’15

Roger W. Marshall ’84

Dr. Stephen Oehme ’85

John Manning ’86

Dave E. Dobratz ’87

Richard G. Gast ’87

Kyle Kramer ’91

Bernie Haney ’97

Kye Hittle ’99

Matthew D. King ’07

Josh Parker ’10

Todd Severson ’14

Andrew M. Waldman ’14


1914 Society

($1,914 to $4,999)

William Varney ’54

Phil Wright ’58

James Rodenbeek ’61

Jan Jorgensen ’64

Ralph McFillen ’64

Roger Shenkel ’64

Alan Underwood ’64

Howard Kinzer Jr. ’65

Dean Harper ’66, In memory of Lucy Harper

Donald Merten Jr. ’67, In memory of Don Merten ’41 and all the Gamma Epsilon WWII Veterans

Robert Bennett ’69

Timken Family Gift, Roger Timken ’70, Chad Timken ’98

James Wassberg ’70

Scott Way ’73

Dr. Lloyd Wilson ’74, in memory of Kent D. Ford ’74

Dannie Caffrey ’75, in honor of Class of 1975

James G. Lee III ’75

Gary Basom ’77

Doug Brownlee ’77

Clarence Waters ’78

Matt Bachman ’80

Mike Sanders ’80

Steve Cole ’88

Rob “Splat” Wilkerson ’89

David Shepard ’92

Scot Tenpenny ’98

Eric R. Braun ’13

Balkenbusch Family Gift, Nathan Balkenbusch ’14, Chuck Balkenbusch ’17

Austin Brown ’14

Dalton J. Savage ’16

Kyle J. Rieger ’17

    Gary Basom ’77

  David Gold ’78


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